This experimental constructed wetland is located in the town of Cucuchucho, in the municipality of Tzintzuntzan, state of Michoacan, Mexico, on the shores of Lake Patzcuaro.

It consists of several integrated treatment processes, as follows:

  • solid removal/storage tanks,
  • solids wetland,
  • clarifier wetland,
  • maturation lagoon,
  • polishing wetland,
  • aquaculture lagoon,
  • irrigation plot, and
  • watering hole for animals.

The treated discharge is 1 L/s, serving a population of 700 people.

The total area of treatment, including all processes, is 3,265 m2.

The total area of the facility, including dikes, walkways, parking, office building, and irrigation plot, is 5,043 m2.

The project influent BOD is 270 mg/L, and the effluent BOD es 30 mg/L.

The influent BOD measured during the operation is 468 mg/L, and the effluent BOD is 5 mg/L.